OffsetFromUTC() fix, PATCH verb added to TIdHTTPServer, and new properties added to TIdStackLocalAddress

I have checked in several updates to Indy today:

  • On FPC 2.6.2+, the OffsetFromUTC() and MinutesFromGMT() functions were returning values with the wrong sign assigned. This has been fixed.
  • In TIdHTTPServer, a new hcPATCH value has been added to the TIdHTTPRequestInfo.CommandType property.
  • New Description and FriendlyName properties have been added to TIdStackLocalAddress.  On most platforms, these new properties will have the same value as the existing AdapterName property.  However, on Windows, these three properties will have more meaningful and distinct values provided by the user’s system configuration.  These new properties are useful when displaying a machine’s local IP addresses in your UIs.