Indy 10 Documentation Releases

The following archive files contain the documentation releases for Indy version 10 in the indicated formats:

Indy version 10.1.5
MS HTML Help 2 (HxS, HxI) .ZIP (8.36mb)
.7Z (8.31mb) IndyDocs_10.1.5.0_H2Help.7z
MS HTML Help (CHM, CHI) .ZIP (11.6mb)
.7Z (11.6mb) IndyDocs_10.1.5.0_HtmlHelp.7z
Windows Help (HLP, CNT, ALS) .ZIP (7.6mb)
.7Z (6.07mb) IndyDocs_10.1.5.0_WinHelp.7z
HTML (Website) .ZIP (25.1mb)
.7Z (24.9mb) IndyDocs_10.1.5.0_Html.7z
.TGZ (6.67mb) IndyDocs_10.1.5.0_Html.tgz
Printable Manual (PDF) .ZIP (22.3mb)
.7Z (17.9mb) IndyDocs_10.1.5.0_Pdf.7z


Indy version 10.1.1
MS HTML Help 2 (HxS, HxI) .ZIP (11.0mb)
.7Z (10.4mb) IndyDocs_10.1.1.822_H2Help.7z
HTML Help (CHM, CHI) .ZIP (10.6mb)
.7Z (10.0mb) IndyDocs_10.1.1.822_HtmlHelp.7z
Windows Help (HLP, CNT, ALS) .ZIP (10.2mb)
.7Z (8.42mb) IndyDocs_10.1.1.822_WinHelp.7z
HTML (Website) .ZIP (32.3mb)
.7Z (2.88mb) IndyDocs_10.1.1.822_Html.7z
.TGZ (5.99mb) IndyDocs_10.1.1.822_Html.tgz
PDF (PDF) .ZIP (22.0mb)
.7Z (19.1mb) IndyDocs_10.1.1.822_Pdf.7z


Indy version 10.0.20
MS HTML Help 2 (HxS, HxI) .ZIP (8.44mb)
HTML Help (CHM, CHI) .ZIP (8.76mb)
Windows Help (HLP, CNT, ALS) .ZIP (7.48mb)
PDF (PDF) .ZIP (12.3mb)


Indy 10 Additional Information Resources
Documentation Online Visit the Indy Docs website to access the online HTML version of the Indy 10 help files.
Indy in Depth The Indy Book by the original Indy author. It cannot get more authoritative than that!  Best of all, its an e-book and you do not have to worry about shipping as you can download it.
Online Indy Articles Links to free online articles about Indy.
Indy 10 Installation Instructions (VCL)
VCL to .Net Class Names


Indy version 9
MS HTML Help 2 (HxS, HxI) .ZIP (5.2mb)
WinHelp (HLP, CNT, ALS) .ZIP (3.3mb)
HTML (Website) .ZIP (13.8mb)
.TGZ (1.8mb) Indy-9-0-Help-Html.tgz
RTF (RTF) .ZIP (1.3mb)
PDF (PDF) .ZIP (9.3mb)