Links to old Indy website pages are currently broken

Awhile back ago, Indy’s live website was moved to a new server and redesigned, but several key pages had not been migrated to the new site yet, including documentation downloads, installation instructions, etc, as I didn’t have any free time to work on that migration.

So, those pages, and the files they linked to, were kept on the old server under a subdomain.  That server has recently been taken down permanently by the hosting provider.  So, at the moment, any links on Indy’s live website that point to the old site are currently broken.

However, the pages, and the files they linked to, were spidered and saved before the old server was taken down.  They will be incorporated back into the live website as time permits, it just has not happened yet.  Please be patient during this transition.

In the meantime, an archived copy of the old ww2 site is available on

Indy 10’s installation instructions are available here:

UPDATE 7/14/2022: Indy 10’s installation instructions have now been added to Indy’s GitHub Wiki:

Indy 10’s source code is available on GitHub:

Indy’s online documentation is available here:

Indy 9: (click on <Index> at the top of the page)

Indy 10:

The above information has been added to Indy’s GitHub Wiki:

As documentation files are recovered, they will be added to Indy’s GitHub Wiki.  Eventually, the online documentation will likely be migrated to the Wiki as well.