OpenSSL binaries moved to GitHub

All of the OpenSSL binaries that were hosted on Indy’s Fulgan mirror @ have now been migrated to a new repository on Indy’s GitHub page:

For the past few days, Indy’s Fulgan mirror has been down, reporting “403 Forbidden” errors, due to connectivity issues on the server side.  This outage is being looked into.

However, once Indy’s source code had been migrated to GitHub, and nightly zips of the code were no longer hosted on the Fulgan mirror, it was always the plan to eventually migrate the OpenSSL binaries to GitHub as well, and then retire the Fulgan mirror completely.  So that retirement may be coming in the near future.

Will post again when the Fulgan mirror is back up, and when it is being retired for good.

UPDATE: the mirror @ is back up, though the DLLs in the root /SSL folder appear to be gone, but the files in the /SSL/Archive folder are not.

2 thoughts on “OpenSSL binaries moved to GitHub

  1. Indy’s OpenSSL repo on GitHub does not use Large File Storage, so it is not subject to bandwidth billing.

    The zips are < 2MB each, which is way below GitHub's file size limit of 100MB without LFS. And the entire OpenSSL repo is currently < 200MB, which is way below GitHub's repo size limit of 1GB. Each zip does not change over time, so there is only 1 revision of each zip when cloning the repo. And the OpenSSL repo itself is independent of Indy's main repo, so they can be cloned separately as needed. And download traffic of the OpenSSL repo is very light, so bandwidth usage is not really an issue. Thus, LFS is not needed at this time.

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