Indy SVN retiring, long live GitHub

Indy’s SVN repository is being retired.

Indy’s GitHub repository is now the active repository moving forward. Indy’s Fulgan mirror has turned off its sync between Indy’s SVN and GitHub repositories.

Fulgan’s nightly dev snapshot is no longer the latest dev snapshot of Indy (there have been new check-ins to GitHub since the last time Fulgan pulled its snapshot from SVN). Fulgan’s nightly zip files have become redundant since users can now pull zip files of Indy’s source code from GitHub instead.

Indy will also soon be making a new GitHub repository for its OpenSSL lib binaries, which will be the final nail in the coffin for the Fulgan mirror.

Indy’s main website has not been updated yet to reflect this new information. Though there is a link to the GitHub repository in the download section for the dev snapshot.

UPDATE: Fulgan’s nightly dev snapshot has now been disabled, and the zip files have been deleted.  Indy’s OpenSSL lib binaries are still available on Fulgan at this time, though.

UPDATE: Indy’s OpenSSL lib binaries have now been moved to a new repository on GitHub.