New packages for RAD Studio 12 Athens – and Indy 10.6.3 release!

I have checked in new Indy package files for RAD Studio 12.0 Athens.

Aside from a handful of code fixes since Athens’ initial release, this mainly contains some much needed updates behind the scenes.  Indy’s internal Package Generator tool has been revamped to (finally) support XE3 up to 12.0 Athens.  And the CompUtil tool has been rewritten to work more dynamically so I don’t have to recompile it every time a new RAD Studio version is released (the Package Generator will still need recompiling though, I’ll had to address that later).  But this should make it much easier for me to create new packages and install scripts in the future when new RAD Studio versions are released.

After being stuck in version hell since 2015 – Indy has finally moved away from version 10.6.2 and has now been bumped up to 10.6.3 (WAHOO!).  I have created a v10.6.3 Release on Indy’s GitHub repo (in addition to additional Releases for the versions of Indy that were bundled in the past few RAD Studio versions).  From now on, I will make new repo Releases periodically so Indy is a little more stable to build against, instead of just making people sync with the latest master code.

For Indy 10, I’m not going full Semantic Versioning just yet, so Indy will likely stick with the 10.6 series for the foreseeable future, but I’m not sure if I’ll increment future releases as 10.6.x (10.6.4, 10.6.5, etc) or as 10.6.3.x (,, etc).  There is an existing ticket in Indy’s GitHub Issues if you want to leave feedback (#328 Indy Releases and versioning).  For Indy 11, I’ll likely go full Semantic Versioning starting at 11.0.0.