Indy version info added to Delphi/C++Builder IDE

To see information about the version of Indy you have installed in your Delphi/C++Builder or Lazarus IDE, you can right-click on any Indy component that has been dropped onto a Form, Frame, or DataModule at design-time. An “About Internet Direct (Indy)” menu item will be available, which opens a popup window when clicked to display the following information:

  • version number
  • copyright
  • open source licenses
  • website

Your code can also read Indy’s version number at run-time using the public Version property of any Indy component.

This functionality has been in place for many years.

In Delphi/C++Builder 2005 and later, the above information has now been added to the IDE’s own About Box, so you no longer need an active Indy component in order to see the information at design-time.