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Indy 10


Indy 10 is still under development. All major changes are complete and Indy 10 is near feature complete. While there are some outstanding changes related to remaining incomplete items and some minor bug fixes, Indy 10 already has a wider feature set than Indy 9 and resolves some issues that are beyond the capabilities of the Indy 9 structure.

Many companies including Atozed and others are using Indy 10 in production. However, please note that not every release may be stable, and that not every feature may be complete. At this stage of its development, periods of instability are infrequent and generally limited to a duration of a few days.

As with any release, use in production work with caution and test each release separately before deployment.

Discussion, Bugs, and Support

Please report any issues and carry on all discussion using the methods listed in Technical Support.

It does not compile?

Indy 10 is under heavy construction. Because the access is a live snapshot from our VCS, at various times of hand offs, or checkins certain parts may not compile. If this is the case, please try again a few hours later or the next day.


Indy 10 Documention is now available here.


  • Manual Install - Instructions to obtain source and compile manually.
  • Automatic Install - The Indy Plus Install is an automated installation kit provided by Atozed Software.



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