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wsBye Constant

Represents the IMAP4 protocol response code for a connection that will be closed.

wsBye = 5;

wsBye is an Integer constant that indicates the IMAP4 client connection to the server is about to close. The wsBye response can occur when a client attempt to connect to an IMAP4 server, and the server is not willing to accept a connection from this client. wsBye also occurs when a client connection performs the LOGOUT command. wsBye may also be generated as a panic shutdown announcement, or when the client connection wil be closed after an inactivity timeout. The IMAP4 untagged response "BYE" my be accompanied by human-readable text that may be presented to the user as an information message. 

IMAP4 response code constants and information messages are used in TIdRFCReply in the NumericCode and Text properties.

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