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type_2_message_header Record
type_2_message_header = packed record
  protocol: packed array [1..8] of Char;
  Pad: packed Array[1..7] of byte;
  Pad2: packed Array [1..2] of byte;
  Pad3: packed array [1..2] of byte;
  nonce: Array[1..8] of char;
  pad4: packed Array[1..8] of byte end;
  type_3_message_header=packedrecordprotocol: array [1..8] of Char;
  _type: LongWord;
  lm_resp_len1: Word;
  lm_resp_len2: Word;
  lm_resp_off: LongWord;
  nt_resp_len1: Word;
  nt_resp_len2: Word;
  nt_resp_off: LongWord;
  dom_len1: Word;
  dom_len2: Word;
  dom_off: LongWord;
  user_len1: Word;
  user_len2: Word;
  user_off: LongWord;
  host_len1: Word;
  host_len2: Word;
  host_off: LongWord;
  zero: LongWord;
  msg_len: LongWord;
  flags: LongWord;


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