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WriteTIdBytesToStream Function

Write TIdBytes values to a TStream.

procedure WriteTIdBytesToStream(
    const AStream: TIdStream; 
    const ABytes: TIdBytes
Stream to receive the contents of the TIdBytes value.
Values to be written to the TStream. 

WriteTIdBytesToStream is a procedure used to copy the contents of the TIdBytes specified in ABytes to the TStream identified in AStream. WriteTIdBytesToStream calls the Write method in the stream to write the byte values. 

WriteTIdBytesToStream isolates the differences between platforms and stream implementations for use in the Indy library. WriteTIdBytesToStream is often used to convert character, byte, string, and other values to a representation common to all platforms (TIdBytes). 

Use one of the following common stream routines to read or write the associated ordinal data type using a stream instance: 


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