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TWorkInfo Record

Represents work information for Indy read and write operations.

TWorkInfo = record
  Current: Int64;
  Max: Int64;
  Level: Integer;

TWorkInfo is a Record structure used to represent information about Indy read and write operations. TIdComponent allocates two TWorkInfo records; one represents read operations, and another one represents write operations. 

TWorkInfo structures are maintain in the BeginWork and EndWork method of TIdComponent

The following members are maitained the record structure: 


Int64 value that identifies the number of bytes available to the current read or write operation. 
Int64 value that indicates the maximum number of bytes that are available to the current operation. 
Integer value that identifies the number of operations of the given type that are pending. Level can range from 0 to the number of nested calls to BeginWork for the operation type. 

The value in Current should never exceed the value of Max.

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