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Indicates the mode for an NNTP connection.

TModeType is an enumerated type used to represent the NNTP connection mode to be used by an NNTP client or server. Valid values for TModeType includes the following: 




mtStream indicates that the NNTP connection supports a stream of forwarded NNTP messages. mtStream is used to send a group of articles to an NNTP server, or in server to server NNTP news distribution. 

mtIHave that the NNTP connection wants to perform negotiated article transmissions for articles already posted to an NNTP host. mtIHave informs a server that an article is available, and if the server desires a copy of that article, it will return a response instructing the client to send the entire article. If the server does not want the article (if, for example, the server already has a copy of it), a response indicating that the article is not wanted will be returned. 

mtReader is the NNTP connection mode normally used by NNTP clients (or news readers). 

TModeType is the type used to represent the TIdNNTP.Mode property. Values in TModeType are used when the TIdNNTP.Connect is called to open the connection to the NNTP server and select the desired mode for the NNTP client.

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