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TIpProperty Class

Provides persistent storage and manipulation for network address and mask values.

TIpProperty = class(TIdPersistent);

TIpProperty is a TPersistent descendant that provides storage variables and manipulation methods for the components of a network address or network mask. TIpProperty is used by TIdNetworkCalculator to represent the NetworkAddress and NetworkMask properties. 

Use Byte1, Byte2, Byte3, and Byte4 to access the individual Byte values of the 32-bit IP address. 

Use AsDoubleWord to access the LongWord value of the IP address. 

Use AsBinaryString to access the String representation of individual bits of the IP address. For example: "11111111111111111111111100000000" is the binary string representation of the network mask 

Use AsString to access the String representation of the IP address. For

with the "dotted-decimal" value 

Use SetAll to simultaneously update the 4 Byte values in the IP address. 

Use ByteArray to access the Byte values of the IP address and indicate if the byte has a zero or non-zero value. 

Use the OnChange event handler to perform application-specific processing when the value of the TIpProperty has been modified.

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