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Decompresses data in a stream using the "deflate" method.

Stream containing data compressed with the "deflate" compression method.
Compression level expected. Default is 0. 

DecompressDeflateStream is a virtual method used to decompress data in AStream encoded using the "deflate" compression method. 

DecompressDeflateStream positions the stream in AStream to the start of the compressed data that follows any headers and flags for the compressed data stream. 

DecompressDeflateStream adjusts the size of the stream in AStream to truncate the 4-byte Adler-32 checksum for the uncompressed data (excluding any dictionary data) computed according to Adler-32 algorithm. Adler-32 is composed of two sums accumulated per byte: s1 is the sum of all bytes, s2 is the sum of all s1 values. Both sums are done modulo 65521. s1 is initialized to 1, s2 to zero. The Adler-32 checksum is stored as s2*65536 + s1 in most- significant-byte first (network) order. 

DecompressDeflateStream calls the DecompressStream method using AStream and ALevel as arguments to perform the default decompression method for the class implementation. 

Use DecompressGZipStream to decompress stream data compressed using the "gzip" compression method.



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