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TIdWin32ea Class

Represents Extended file Attrbiutes for the FTP MLST listing format.

TIdWin32ea = class(TIdDOSAttributes);

TIdWin32ea is a TIdDOSAttributes descendant that implements support for Win32 Extended Attributes as found in the WIN32_FIND_DATA data structure using the Windows API. TIdWin32ea is analagous to the System.IO.FileAttributes enumeration in .Net 

TIdWin32ea is used in FTP directory listings implemented using the TIdMLSTFTPListItem format. 

As with TIdDOSAttributes, TIdWin32ea represents values representing information for a file or directory on the remote file system. Use the properties in TIdWin32ea to determine of the file attributes are set for the file or directory entry.

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