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TIdUDPServer.OnUDPRead Event

Event handler for UDP read events.

property OnUDPRead: TUDPReadEvent;

OnUDPRead is a TUDPReadEvent event handler property that represents the event used for reading datagrams received from a socket handle. 

OnUDPRead parameters provide the server context, buffer used to store the datagram, and the binding used to receive the datagram packet. 

OnUDPRead is triggered when data has been read from a socket handle in Bindings by the listener thread, and is available for use by the server. OnUDPRead can be used to examine the incoming datagram or properties for the client connection in ABinding prior to use or re-transmission. 

Assign a TUDPReadEvent handler procedure to OnUDPRead to respond to the event notification. 

Use ThreadedEvent to determine if OnUDPRead is performed as a Synchronized method call.

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