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TIdUDPBase.SendBuffer Method (string, Integer, TIdBytes)

Sends a datagram to a remote host.

procedure SendBuffer(
    AHost: string; 
    const APort: Integer; 
    const ABuffer: TIdBytes
); virtual; overload;
Address for the remote connection.
Port number for the remote connection.
Data to be sent to the remote connection. 

SendBuffer is a procedure used to transmit a datagram to a specified endpoint. 

AHost is the IP address or host name for the endpoint of the datagram transmission. Before transmitting the datagram, SendBuffer will use global the protocol stack instance in GStack to resolve the host name in AHost to an IP address. 

APort is the port number for the endpoint of the datagram transmission. 

AData contains the content of the datagram to send in the transmission. 

SendBuffer uses the socket handle in Binding to send the value in ABuffer to the indicate host and port number. 

The UDP protocol does not guarantee delivery of data packets, so the values in ABuffer may not arrive at the remote computer system.

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