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TIdUDPBase Class

Specifies the base class for a UDP protocol client.

TIdUDPBase = class(TIdComponent);

TIdUDPBase is a TIdComponent descendant that specifies an encapsulation of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and provides properties and methods common to both UDP clients and UDP servers. 

TIdUDPServer and TIdUDPClient are descendants of TIdUDPBase. 

For more information on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), refer to the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 768 - User Datagram Protocol (UDP)  

TIdUDPBase implements the common UDP facilities required to create a socket binding using the Socket Datagram protocol family, send and receive datagrams, and to perform datagram Broadcasts for the connection-less protocol. 

TIdUDPBase implements an overridden protected InitComponent method used to perform component initialization that includes setting the following default property values: 


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