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TIdTimeUDPServer Class

Implements a UDP-based Time protocol server.

TIdTimeUDPServer = class(TIdCustomTimeUDPServer);

TIdTimeUDPServer is a TIdUDPServer descendant that implements a TCP-based Time Protocol server, as described in the Internet Standard document: 

RFC 868 - Time Protocol  

Time is a simple protocol for synchronizing time on a local network. If you need the time and day only in a human readable form, we recommend that you use the TIdDayTimeServer component. 

TIdTimeUDPServer allows multiple simultaneous connections to the server by using listener threads specified in the Binding for the server. Listener threads use the DefaultPort value as their port number unless specifically overriden in the binding for the server. 

TIdTimeUDPServer provides an overridden method that handles execution of client connection contexts using the OnExecute event handler. 

The BaseDate property specifies the date value used in calculating the cardinal value returned in the server implementation. 

Please note that the Time protocol in its current form cannot handle most dates after the year 2035. This limitation is stated in RFC 868.

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