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TIdThreadSafeList.IsCountLessThan Method

Indicates if the thread-safe list is smaller than a threshold Value.

function IsCountLessThan(
    const AValue: Cardinal
): Boolean;
Numeric value to compare to the number of threads in the thread-safe list. 

Boolean - True when the thread list is smaller than the specified value.

IsCountLessThan is a Boolean function that indicates if the number of items in the thread-safe list is below the threshold specified in AValue. 

IsCountLessThan checks to make sure the current object instance is instantiated prior to retrieving the Cardinal length of the thread-safe list. IsCountLessThan locks the thread list prior to getting the length, and unlocks the threads list immediately after retrieving the Cardinal value. 

IsCountLessThan returns True when AValue is smaller than the length of the thread-safe list, and False under any other condition.

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