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TIdTelnetServer Class

Specifies a Telnet Protocol server architecture.

TIdTelnetServer = class(TIdCustomTCPServer);

TIdTelnetServer is a TIdTCPServer descendant that implements aserver for the Telnet Protocol as described in the Internet Standards documents: 

RFC 854 - TELNET Protocol Specification  

RFC 855 - TELNET Option Specifications  

RFC 857 - TELNET Echo Option  

RFC 858 - TELNET Suppress Go Ahead Option  

RFC 859 - TELNET Status Option  

RFC 860 - TELNET Timing Mark Option  

RFC 861 - TELNET Extended Options: List Option  

RFC 1700 - Assigned Numbers  

The TELNET Protocol provides a general communications facility to allow a standard method of interfacing terminal devices and terminal-oriented processes. 

Telnet is used to connect to a remote computer system and allow the client to act as a dumb terminal on that system.

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