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TIdTCPStream.Read Method (array of Byte, Longint, Longint)

Read data from the stream into an array of bytes buffer.

function Read(
    var ABuffer: array of Byte; 
    AOffset: Longint; 
    ACount: Longint
): Longint; override; overload;
Array of bytes where data is stored from the read operation.
Number of bytes to read from the IOHandler and to store in the buffer. 

Longint - Number of bytes read in the operation.

Read is an overloaded overridden method used to read data in the stream into the array of bytes indicated in ABuffer. 

Read calls the ReadBytes method in the TIdIOHandler for the connection using a TIdBytes data type constructed for the purpose. 


Please note that this variant of the Read method is implemented for the .Net platform only.

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