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TIdTCPConnection.RaiseExceptionForLastCmdResult Method (TClassIdException)

Raises an exception when an invalid response is received for the connection.

procedure RaiseExceptionForLastCmdResult(
    AException: TClassIdException
); virtual; overload;
Class reference used to create the exception instance. 

RaiseExceptionForLastCmdResult is an overloaded procedure used to raise an exception when an invalid response code is received from the peer connection. 

RaiseExceptionForLastCmdResult is used in the overloaded CheckResponse method, and allows raising an exception using an indicated class reference or an EIdReplyRFCError exception used in the implementation of LastCmdResult

RaiseExceptionForLastCmdResult creates an exception instance using the class reference specified in AException, and assigns the text in LastCmdResult to the exception message.

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