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TIdTCPConnection Class

Implements a TCP/P-based connection component.

TIdTCPConnection = class(TIdComponent);

TIdTCPConnection is a TIdComponent descendant that provides properties, methods, and events that encapsulate a complete Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection. 

TIdTCPConnection provides facilities common to most client and/or server connections that do not require support for a specific communications protocol or data representation. TIdTCPConnection provides access to the Socket and the IOHandler for the connection that allows sending text based commands and reading the responses. TIdTCPConnection also implements common greetings for remote connections, as well as RFC message headers and strings values. 

TIdTCPConnection implements an overridden protected InitComponent method used to get the reply class for the connection, and to assign an instance of the reply class to both the Greeting and LastCmdResult properties. 

Use the public and published properties in TIdTCPConnection to allow configuration of the transport for the connection. 

Other properties and methods allow controlling and monitoring an active connection. 

Use the event handlers in TIdTCPConnection to provide notifications of actions performed on the connection. 

TIdTCPConnection is the ancestor class for TIdTCPClient and TIdTCPServer. Use one the TIdTCPConnection descendents to get access to the Connect method specific to a given protocol or connection type.

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