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TIdTCPClient.ReadTimeout Property

Millseconds to wait for successful completion of a read attempt.

property ReadTimeout: Integer;

ReadTimeout is an Integer property, published in TIdTCPClient, that indicates the number of milliseconds to wait for successful completion of methods that perform read operations using the client. ReadTimeout allows methods in the IOHandler that perform read operations on the blocking socket to fail if a response has not been received after the indicated number of milliseconds. 

The value in ReadTimeout is closely related to the corresonding property in the IOHandler for the client. Reading the value in the ReadTimeout property returns the value from the TIdIOHandler instance when it has been assigned. Otherwise, the value in the member variable is returned. Changing the value in the ReadTimeout property causes the member variable value to be stored in the corresponding IOHandler (when it has been assigned). 

The IOHandler for the client can be created in the Connect method when an explicit IOHandler has not already been assigned. The value in ReadTimeout is used in the Connect method to assign the initial ReadTimeout value for the IOHandler class instance prior to establishing the connection. 

ReadTimeout is also used to provide the default read timeout value for any new TIdIOHandler instance assigned to the IOHandler property. 

Use ConnectTimeout to indicate the timeout value to use during connection attempts for the client.

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