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Captures the list of users connected to the systat server.

Destination used to store the user list data. 

GetStat is a procedure used to retrieve the list of users connected to the systat server, and to return the unparsed unser list in ADest. ADest must be a valid TStrings descendant initialized prior to calling GetStat. 

There is no specific syntax for the list of users in ADest. It is recommended that it be limited to the ASCII printable characters, space, carriage return, and line feed. Each user should be listed on a separate line. 

GetStat acts in accordance with the systat protocol by sending an unspecifed datagram to the server using the values indicated in the Host and Port properties. Change values in the Host and Port properties prior to calling GetStat. 

GetStat uses the value in ReceiveTimeout to determine the number of milliseconds to wait for a response from the remote server. GetStat uses the IOHandler in the client to repeatedly call ReceiveString with the timeout value in ReceiveTimeout until an empty string is returned by the remote systat server. Non-blank values read from the remote server are added to the user list in ADest.

IOHandler Host Port ReceiveTimeout

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