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TIdSystatEvent Type

Implements the event handler for client connections to the Systat server.

TIdSystatEvent = procedure (AThread: TIdContext; AResults : TIdStrings) of object;
Context for the client connection.
User list for the client session. 

TIdSystatEvent is an type used to implement the event handler TIdSystatServer.OnSystat property. 

AThread is the TIdContext that represents the context for the client connection to the server. 

AResults is a TStrings variable used to build the list of active users on the Systat server. AResults is written to the client during execution of the client session. 

TIdSystatEvent allows TIdSystatServer to implement the processing required to get the list of active users for the server, and to store the user list in the AResults variable.

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