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TIdSyslogServer Class

Implements a BSD Syslog protocol server.

TIdSyslogServer = class(TIdUDPServer);

TIdSyslogServer is a TIdUDPServer descendant that implements a server for the BSD Syslog protocol, as specified in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 3164 - The BSD syslog Protocol  

TIdSyslogServer is used to gather event notification messages from networked devices. Notification messages are represented by TIdSysLogMessage instances, and can contain information that categorize and differentiate diverse messages from processes running on the networked devices. 

TIdSyslogServer can used as the termination point for notification messages, or used as a relay agent for another syslog daemon. TIdSyslogServer does not make any assumptions about the format or content of message values, and is used as a transport facility. 

Use the OnSysLog event handler to implement data collection for messages in a TIdSysLogMessage instance.

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