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TIdStack.Send Method

Sends data on a connected socket handle.

function Send(
    ASocket: TIdStackSocketHandle; 
    const ABuffer: TIdBytes; 
    AOffset: Integer = 0; 
    ASize: Integer = -1
): Integer; virtual; abstract;
Socket handle for the operation.
Values to be sent on the socket handle.
Offset into the buffer to locate values to send.
Number of bytes in the buffer. 

Integer - Number of bytes written to the socket handle.

Send is an abstract virtual Integer function that specifies the method used to access the Send() API for a protocol stack implementation. 

Send is used to write the data in ABuffer to a remote system using the socket handle in ASocket. 

AOffset is the initial offset for values in ABuffer written to the socket handle. AOffset is a 0-based value. 

The return value for the method is the number of bytes sent using the socket handle. 

The remote network must be connected prior to calling Send. 

Use SendTo to transmit datat to a specific destination using the socket handle.

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