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TIdStack.ReceiveMsg Method

Specifies the interface used to receive message-orient packet transmission for the specified socket.

function ReceiveMsg(
    ASocket: TIdStackSocketHandle; 
    var VBuffer: TIdBytes; 
    APkt: TIdPacketInfo; 
    const AIPVersion: TIdIPVersion = ID_DEFAULT_IP_VERSION
): Cardinal; virtual; abstract;
Socket handle for the operation.
Stores data read in the packet transmission.
Packet information for the transmission.
IP address family supported for transmissions on the specified socket. Default value is ID_DEFAULT_IP_VERSION

Cardinal - Number of bytes read in the operation.

ReceiveMsg is an abstract virtual method that specifies the interface used to receive message-orient transmission for the socket handle specified in ASocket. 

VBuffer indicates the array of bytes used to store values received in the stream-oriented operation. 

APkt is used to store information about the originating and destination endpoints for the transmission, as well as TTL (or hop count) data. 

AIPVersion indicates the IP address family supported for the tranmission. 

ReceiveMsg must be overridden and implemented in a descendant class that provides access to the protocol stack implementation for the platform or operating system hosting the Indy library. 

Use ReceiveFrom to read data from a specific endpoint using a socket handle. 

Use Send or SendTo to transmission packet datagrams using a specified socket handle.

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