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TIdStackLinux.GetSocketName Method

Retrieves the identity for the local network connection.

procedure GetSocketName(
    ASocket: TIdStackSocketHandle; 
    var VIP: string; 
    var VPort: TIdPort
); override;
Socket handle for the operation.
IP address for the local network connection.
Port number for the local network connection. 

GetSocketName is an abstract virtual procedure that specifies the method used to access the GetSocketName() API in a protocol stack implementation. 

GetSocketName retrieves the identity for the local network connection using the socket handle in ASocket. THe IP address and Port number for the local connection are returned in VIP and VPort. 

GetSocketName can be used on a socket handle after a call to Bind, Connect, or Accept. GetSocketName does not always return useful information for the socket handle if Bind is called using an unspecified IP address or port number.

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