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TIdStackBSDBase.RaiseSocketError Method

Raises an exception with the specified error code and associated message.

procedure RaiseSocketError(
    AErr: integer
Error code for the error condition. 

RaiseSocketError is a procedure used to raise an exception with the error code in AErr. 

When AErr contains Id_WSAENOTSOCK, an EIdNotASocket exception is raised with the message for the error condition. You can add this to your list of exceptions. 

Please note that note that sometimes it is a true error. Your program will still run correctly, but the debugger will not stop on it if you list it in the ignore list. But for most times its fine to put it in the ignore list, it only affects your debugging. 

For all other values in AErr, an EIdSocketError exception is raised with the message for the error condition. 

It is normal to receive a 10038 exception (10038 ONLY - and NOT others!) when shutting down a server connection. 

It is not normal to receive a 10038 exception in servers at other times. It is not normal to receive a 10038 exception in clients. 

If you receive a 10038 exception here, please see the FAQ at:  

If you insist upon requesting help via our email boxes on the 10038 error that is already answered in the FAQ and you are simply too slothful to search for your answer and ask your question in the public forums you may be publicly flogged, tarred and feathered and your name may be added to every chain letter / EMail in existence today." 

Otherwise, if you DID read the FAQ and have further questions, please feel free to ask using one of the methods (Carefullly note that these methods do not include provate email) listed on the Tech Support link at:

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