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TIdSocksInfo Class

Implements SOCKS protocol support for Indy clients.

TIdSocksInfo = class(TIdCustomTransparentProxy);

TIdSocksInfo is a TIdCustomTransparentProxy descendant that implements support for the SOCKS protocol, as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 1928 - SOCKS Protocol Version 5  

The SOCKS protocol is used to isolate the internal network structure of an organization from from an exterior network, such as the Internet, through the use of network firewalls. These firewalls typically act as an application-layer gateway between networks, and usually offer controlled access using common Internet protocol clients such as TELNET, FTP, HTTP, and SMTP. 

The SOCKS protocol is designed as a framework for transparent and secure traversal of firewall implementations using both the TCP and UDP domains. 

SOCKS Version 4 is supported, and provides unsecured firewall traversal for TCP-based clients and servers. SOCKS Version 5 is also supported, and provides strong authentication for the SOCKS protocol. 

TIdSocksInfo implements properties required for the SOCKS protocol, including: 


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