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TIdSocketType Type

Socket type specification for a socket handle.

TIdSocketType = SocketType;

TIdSocketType is a type used to represent the socket type specification for a socket handle. 

On the .Net platform, TIdSocketType is declared as a SocketType value as used in the .Net framework. 

On all other platforms, TIdSocketType is declared as an Integer value. 

TIdSocketType can contain one of the following values and meanings: 


Value Meaning 

---------------- ----------------------------------------------------


Id_SOCK_STREAM Provides sequenced, reliable, two-way, connection- based byte streams with an OOB data transmission mechanism. Uses TCP for the Internet address family. 
Id_SOCK_DGRAM Supports datagrams, which are connectionless, unreliable buffers of a fixed (typically small) maximum length. Uses UDP for the Internet address family. 
Id_SOCK_RAW Raw-protocol interface that allows use of the ICMP protocol. 
Id_SOCK_RDM Reliably-delivered messages interface. 
Id_SOCK_SEQPACKET DECnet sockets use sequenced packets to maintain message boundaries across the network. 
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