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TIdSocketListLinux.SelectRead Method

Indicates if socket handles are avaiable for reading.

function SelectRead(
    const ATimeout: Integer = IdTimeoutInfinite
): Boolean; override;
Timeout value for the Select() API call. 

Boolean - True when a socket handle is available for reading.

SelectRead is an abstract virtual Boolean function that specifies the method used to access the Select() API for a protocol stack implementation. 

SelectRead is a convenience method used to indicate if there are readable socket handles for the protocol stack. SelectRead returns True when the list of socket handles ready for reading would contain a positive non-zero value. 

ATimeout indicates the number of milliseconds to wait for successful completion of the Select() API call. 

SelectRead must be implemented in a descendant class using the protocol stack and list implementation for a specific operating system or platform. 

Use Select or SelectReadList get the list of socket handles.



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