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TIdSocketListLinux Class

Collection used for a list of socket handles on the Linux platform.

TIdSocketListLinux = class(TIdSocketList);

TIdSocketListLinux is a TIdSocketList descendant that represents the platform-specific socket handle container for the Linux platform. TIdSocketListLinux provides overridden methods to Add or Remove items in the list, and determine the container length. 

TIdSocketListLinux uses the Linux API for maintaining the current socket descriptors using FD_SET, __FD_SETSIZE, FD_ISSET, FD_ZERO, and FD_CLR. Items in the container are read dynamically from the current socket descriptors using Linux API calls. Reading an Item by it's ordinal position may return a socket handle of 0 if the descriptor is no longer selected in the Read, Write, or Exception socket descriptors. 

TIdSocketListLinux is the class type assigned to GSocketListClass in the initialization section of the IdStackLinux.pas unit.

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