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TIdSocketHandles Class

Implements a collection for socket handles.

TIdSocketHandles = class(TIdOwnedCollection);

TIdSocketHandles is a TOwnedCollection descendant that implements a collection for TIdSocketHandle objects. TIdSocketHandles is most often used in servers as a container for the Bindings allocated by the server for client conenctions or listener threads. 

TIdSocketHandles contains the DefaultPort number to assign to new TIdSocketHandle instances added to the collection. 

TIdSocketHandles reintroduces the Create constructor to use an Owner for the collection, and eliminates the item class for the collection. TIdSocketHandles also creates TIdSocketHandle instances as members of the collection. 

TIdSocketHandles defines convenience properties and methods that allow accessing members of the collection by their socket handle, or as an indexed TIdSocketHandle property.

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