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TIdSocketHandle.Select Method

Determines if a socket handle is available for reading and writing.

function Select(
    ATimeout: Integer = IdTimeoutInfinite
): Boolean;
Number of milliseconds to wait for completion of the operation. Default is IdTimeoutInfinite

Boolean - True when the socket handle is selected for reading and writing.

Select is a Boolean function that indicates if the protocol stack socket handle is available for reading and writing. 

ATimeOut is the number of milliseconds that the protocol stack should wait for completion of the operation. 

Select calls the Select API in GStack to access the protocol stack routines that make the socket descriptors available in the select read list. 

On successful compeletion of the method, TIdAntiFreezeBase.DoProcess is called to force an idle state in the main thread of execution, and to allow message processing for other threads of execution.

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