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TIdSocketHandle.Reset Method

Restores the socket handle to an uninitialized state.

procedure Reset(
    const AResetLocal: boolean = True
Indicates the IP and Port properties are cleared for the local connection. Default is True. 

Reset is a procedure used to ensure that socket handle is in an uninitialized state. 

When AResetLocal is True, the IP and Port properties are set to their uninitialized values. The IP address is an empty string. The port number is 0 (zero). 

Reset sets the PeerIP and PeerPort properties to their uninitailized values as well. PeerIP is an empty string. PeerPort is 0 (zero). 

IP and Port numbers (local and remote) for the socket descriptor are updated after calls to Bind, Connect, or Accept

Reset is called from Create, AllocateSocket, and Accept.

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