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TIdServerIntercept Class

Specifies a connection intercept for the listener thread in a TCP server.

TIdServerIntercept = class(TIdBaseComponent);

TIdServerIntercept is a TIdBaseComponent descendant that specifies an interface for a connection intecept for the listener thread in a TCP server. 

TIdServerIntercept contains abstract virtual methods that specify the methods used to to initialize properties in the connection intercept, and to provide new TIdConnectionIntercept handlers for peer connections when the connection is accepted. 

Call Init to perform initialization tasks prior to using the TIdServerIntercept instance to accepting connections. 

Call Accept to create the TIdConnectionIntercept handler used by the peer connection. 

TIdConnectionIntercept descendants will be used by peer connection to act as an intermediary between the IOHandler and Intercept for a connection and low-level operations that communicate with the protocol stack. 

Do not create instances of TIdServerIntercept. Use descendant classes that implement the abstract virtual methods in TIdServerIntercept, like: 


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