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TIdServerCookies.Cookie Property

Provides access to server Cookie collection items by name.

property Cookie [const AName: string]: TIdCookieRFC2109;

TIdCookieRFC2109 - Cookie with the specified name, or Nil.

Cookie is a read-only TIdCookieRFC2109 property that provides access to server Cookies in the collection using the name specified in AName. TIdServerCookies calls GetCookieIndex, when using the read access specifier for Cookie, to determine the position of the Cookie having the specified CookieName. Cookie can return Nil when a Cookie cannot be located in the collection having the specified name value. 

Use CookieListByDomain to limit access to Cookie collection items having a specified Domain value. Use Items to access Cookie collection items by their integer position in the container.

TIdCookieRFC2109 TIdCookies.CookieListByDomain TIdCookies.Items

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