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TIdScheduler.ReleaseYarn Method

Removes a yarn from the list of active yarns.

procedure ReleaseYarn(
    AYarn: TIdYarn
); virtual;
Thread or fiber to be release by the scheduler. 

ReleaseYarn is a procedure used to remove the TIdYarn instance in AYarn from the list of yarns in ActiveYarns. ReleaseYarn is called to remove a yarn from the list when its has execution has been terminated. 

AYarn is the thread- or fiber-based executable task for a client connection returned from the AcquireYarn method. 

ReleaseYarn calls the TIdThreadSafeList.Remove method using AYarn as an argument. 

Descendant classes may perform additional processing in ReleaseYarn related to the specific scheduler type; for instance, TIdSchedulerOfThreadPool may return the thread for the TIdYarnOfThread instance to the pool of available threads in the scheduler.

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