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TIdSNPP.Connect Method

Opens a connection to an SNPP server.

procedure Connect; override;
Number of milliseconds to wait for a successful connection to the server. Default value is IdTimeoutDefault

Connect is an overridden procedure in TIdSNPP that allows the Simple Network Paging client to establish a connection to a compatible SNPP server. 

ATimeout is the timeout value (in milliseconds) to wait for a successful connection to the server. The default value for ATimeout is IdTimeoutDefault. Connect calls the inherited Connect method using ATimeout as the timeout value for the socket connection. 

Connect also handles the response codes defined for the protocol. When the server response contains any value other than 220, an EIdSNPPConnectionRefused exception will be raised. The exception message contains the actual response numeric code and text from LastCmdResult. The exception will also cause Disconnect to be called. 

Set the value in Port to use a port number other than the default value for the protocol prior to calling Connect.

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