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Implements a Simple Network Paging Protocol client.

TIdSNPP = class(TIdTCPClientCustom);

TIdSNPP is a TIdTCPClientCustom descendant that implements the SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol), as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 1861 - Simple Network Paging Protocol Version 3 (Two-Way Enhanced)  

SNPP is a simple protocol for the delivery of messages, both one- and two-way, to wireless alphanumeric paging devices. In its simplest form, SNPP provides a simple way to implement a "shim" between the Internet and a paging terminal. In its level 3 form, it provides a method for communicating and receiving end-to-end acknowledgments and replies from two-way messaging devices. 

Please note that TIdSNPP implements only SNPP Level One support for delivery of messages and receipt of status messages on Port number 7777. 

To use the SNPP protocol, a client must initiate a connection with a listening SNPP server. The client passes pager ID information, a message, and then issues a "SEND" command. The server feeds the information to the paging terminal, gathers a response, and reports success or failure to the client.

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