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TIdSMTP.Send Method

Sends a message instance to the SMTP server.

procedure Send(
    AMsg: TIdMessage
); override;
Message instance to be transmitted. 

Send is a procedure that sends the TIdMessage specified in AMsg using the exisiting connection to the SMTP server specified in the Host and Port properties. Call Connect prior to using the Send method. 

Send examines AuthType to determine if a Transport-Level Security and SASL authentication are required for the SMTP session. Send calls Authenticate when the SMTP session has never been authenticated. 

Send updates the RFC 2822 message headers indicated in XMAILER_HEADER using the MailAgent for the SMTP client connection. 

Send also builds the complete list of recipients for the message by examining values in the TIdMessage instance. The list includes all original recipients, as well as email address in the carbon copy and blind carbon copy lists. 

Send calls internal methods that handle SMTP command pielining based on the values in PipeLine and Capabilities

Send transmits the message by calling SendCmd with the RFC 2822 message headers and body for the message. 

Send terminates transfer of data to the SMTP server using the '.' end-of-transmission marker.

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