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Event handler signalled when reading and parsing incoming mail into a message instance, including message headers.

OnReceiveMessageParsed is a TOnReceiveMessage event handler property that represents the event handler signalled when a threaded client connection reads and processes incoming mail data. 

OnReceiveMessageParsed is used in the SMTP DATA command event handler when ReceiveMode contains the value rmMessageParsed. 

The command event handler creates a TIdMessage instance to hold the values in the incoming data, and sets the value of NoDecode property in the message instance to the value used by the SMTP server. The command event handler also reads and parses message headers into their corresponding property values. The command event handler reconciles email addresses in the recipient list for the client connection to determine the addresses to include in the BCCList for the message instance. 

Applications must assign a procedure to the OnReceiveMessageParsed event handler to allow processing of the message data or email addresses in the recipient list for the client connection. If OnReceiveMessageParsed is unassigned, an EIdTCPServerError exception will be raised. 

OnReceiveMessageParsed must fully process the message instance containing the message headers and message body, since the message instance will be freed prior to exiting from the DATA command action handler.

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