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Indicates if the server can parse incoming message headers.

NoDecode is a Boolean property that indicates if message data received from executing client Contexts should be handled as a raw stream of data, or decoded in TIdMessage and TIdMessagePart instances. 

NoDecode is used in the command action handler for the SMTP DATA command verb. NoDecode is used when ReceiveMode contains the value rmMessageParsed and the OnMessageParsed event handler has been assigned. 

When NoDecode contains True, the message data read from the client connection is not decoded in the TIdMessage instance used to capture the data. NoDecode is he default value assigned to the TIdMessage.NoDecode property for the incoming message. 

Use NoEncode to indicate that no addition encoding is to be performed for message data read into the TIdMessage instance used to capture the data. 

Applications must assign a procedure to the OnReceiveMessageParsed event handler to allow subsequent handling of the message instance or email addresses in the message recipient list.

TIdMessage.NoDecode ReceiveMode OnReceiveMessageParsed

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