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TIdSMTPRelayStatusItem Class

Item class for items maintained in the TIdSMTPRelayStatusList collection.

TIdSMTPRelayStatusItem = class(TIdCollectionItem);

TIdSMTPRelayStatusItem is a TIdCollectionItem descendant that implements items maintained in the TIdSMTPRelayStatusList collection in a SMTP Relay agent. 

TIdSMTPRelayStatusItem is the type returned when calling Add for the TIdSMTPRelayStatusList collection in the TIdSMTPRelay.StatusList property. 

TIdSMTPRelayStatusItem property values are extracted from the TIdMessage instances handled by the TIdSMTPRelay agent. On successful delivery of a message to an MX server, an instance of the class is created in its' collection to indicate that the message was sent to the email address for the relay. If an SMTP error or an exception occurs while handling the message relay, the reply codes and enhanced reply codes from the relay action are stored for the email address. 

TIdSMTPRelayStatusItem instances are also created when an exception is encountered when connecting to mail exchange servers for relayed messages.

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