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TIdSMTPEnhancedCode.ReplyAsStr Property

String representation of the SMTP enhanced status code response.

property ReplyAsStr: String;

ReplyAsStr is a String property that represents the contents of an SMTP enhanced status code response as a String value. 

Reading a value from ReplyAsStr returns a String in the form '999.999.999' when Available indicates enhanced status code responses are available in the SMTP reply. The value is the contents of the StatusClass, Subject, and Detail properties delimited by the PARTSEP character. The value is '' (empty string) when Available is False. 

Writing a value to ReplyAsStr causes the StatusClass, Subject, and Details properties to be updated when the value contains a valid enhanced status coded reply. Available is also updated to reflect the change in the values. 

If the new value is an invalid reply code, an EIdSMTPReplyInvalidReplyString is raised.

With the message RSSMTPReplyInvalidReplyStr
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